Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where To Go in Tagaytay?

     Tagaytay is one of the places that you can relax and unwind from your busy and stressful days. A wonderful place that you can see beautiful sceneries like Taal volcano. We decided to go here with my officemates. First, we looked a van to rent that fits to our budget. Then, we looked places in Tagaytay that we visited. From Manila, 1.5-2 hours travel to tagaytay.

     Here are the places in Tagaytay that we visited.

1. Our lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria - it is along tagaytay-calamba road. Before we go to other places, we had to visit a churh to pray and thank God for all the blessings given to us. And our trip in tagaytay will be safe and enjoy. You will see the image of Mama Mary, 50 feet tall. You can also go on the top of the building to see also the view of Taal Volcano.

At the top of the building

2. Peoples Park in the Sky - If you enter here, you will pay 30 pesos for the entrance. There are also jeepneys cost 5 pesos for your transportation going to the top of the park. But we decided to walk going to the top of the park so that we can enjoy the view and took pictures everywhere.

3. Picnic Grove - The entrance fee here is 50 pesos and parking fee of the van cost 50 pesos also. There are different things that you can do here. You can ride in zip line, riding a horse, ride in cable car and etc. Take a picture everywhere.

4. Leslie's "Bulalohan" Restaurant - After in picnic grove, exactly lunch time. We go in leslie's bulalohan, because they say that bulalo food is the specialty here. Foods are expensive but worth it. And after eating your food, you can take pictures at the back of the restaurant. You can see the small islands surrounded by the sea and the taal volcano.

5. Sky Ranch - We want some adventure, we visited the place of Sky ranch. This place is like an Enchanted Kingdom that full of rides but the place was not fully completed. We ride in sky eye or the big ferris wheel. They say that this is the biggest ferris wheel. Some were ride in vikings. You can experience different rides here. The entrance is 100 pesos. And the rides will costs 50-150 pesos. So affordable.

After this, we decided to go home earlier. We were worried of the traffic if we are late to go back Manila. Of course, on the way home, we bought "pasalubong" like buko pie, buko tart, etc. A memorable day and happy moments with my officemates going here in Tagaytay.